The Center for Quantum Sensors at Washington University in St. Louis brings together scientists working on the development and engineering of quantum technologies and materials and scientists using quantum technologies for cutting-edge research in physics and related disciplines.

The center leverages the members’ experience with the fabrication of quantum sensors and the deployment of the sensors in extreme environments, e.g. on balloons, satellites, in remote geographical areas, and in underground laboratories.

In cooperation with the Department of Physics and the McDonnell Center for the Space Sciences, the center organizes a seminar, regular symposiums, and a program for center-funded postdoctoral scholars, and offers research opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students.


Quantum Technologies and Sensors

New experimental and theoretical advances make it possible to monitor and control processes taking advantage of the quantum properties of matter and radiation.


Quantum sensors, such as the transition edge sensor array of the SuperConducting TiTanium Imager (SCOTTI), enable measurements with unprecedented accuracy.

Participating Washington University Departments/Institutes